How To Choose The Right Concrete Patching Material

Choosing the right concrete patching material

There are many factors to consider when it comes to achieving smooth and durable concrete. While the material is durable, concrete spaces often experience cracks or dents that need to be filled. Filling in damaged concrete will not only improve its appearance but will help it last much longer. Choosing the right concrete patching material will help keep your concrete from experiencing more damage and make it safer for you to use your concrete spaces.

Stone Edge Surfaces offers many concrete patching materials to help homeowners and business owners alike. Concrete patching is crucial to the future of your space and preventing future problems. 

1- Assess The Current Damage To Your Concrete

The first step in choosing a concrete patching material is to assess what damage you actually need to repair. Different damages will benefit from different patching products and methods. Cracks, spalls, or surface defects will all require different patching products in order for you to achieve a smooth surface. Choosing the right concrete patching material will help ensure your project looks pristine and avoids further damage from environmental factors.

2- Consider The Application Method

Repairing damages yourself and without professional tools could change the product you need to make a concrete repair. Hiring a professional repair company means they may have access to higher-quality products. The application of a concrete patching product can change depending on the ingredients or product type. Some materials need skilled laborers, while others can be done in a DIY fashion. Choose a DIY product if you are going to make small repairs around your home because this will ensure you get your desired result. 

Stone Edge Surfaces recommends our Pro Bond Ultra for homeowners or businesses that are going to be making repairs themselves. This product doesn’t require a primer and works for all different concrete spaces including parking garages, walkways, ramps, and driveways. 

3- Research Different Product Durability

Repair materials need to be durable to truly repair the damage. Durability rates are another factor to research when finding a patching product. The product should provide resistance to chemicals, weather, UV rays, heat, and heavy objects. Finding the right products will ensure that you are not making frequent repairs on this same area of concrete. 

How To Choose The Right Concrete Patching Material

4- Long-Term Maintenance Will Come Into Play

Even after patching any damages, concrete will still require maintenance to last. Some patching materials will require more intense maintenance than others. Keeping up on maintenance will ensure that your patching job doesn’t have to be redone. Long-term, concrete maintenance will require patching or repairs in order for you to use your space for generations. Even though repairs will be necessary for all concrete, finding the right concrete patching material will improve your overall experience with patios, driveways, or walkways. 

5- Keep Your Budget In Mind

Options like self-leveling concrete may be more expensive than just typical mortar patching options. When you are shopping for patching materials, consider what your budget is for home repairs. Keeping your budget in mind will help you to shop for different products and compare prices from multiple distributors. 

Our products from Stone Edge are easy to use and easy on your wallet. Not only are our products affordable, but they are high quality and help your concrete to last for many years. Each of our products is sold from many distributors across the US, so you can find these products at a home improvement store near you. 

Concrete Patching Products From Stone Edge Surfaces

Whether you have hairline cracks, or major divots, or want to install concrete in a new space, Stone Edge Surfaces has everything you will need. We offer professional-grade concrete mixes and patching materials to help keep your space looking its best. 

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