How Long Do Concrete Patches Last?

Concrete is an incredibly strong material that is made to last. However, just like everything else, it can get damaged over time. Nothing lasts forever, after all. Fortunately, you can patch up and repair concrete, so that it lasts longer before you need to have it replaced. But how long do the aforementioned concrete patches last? Would it be better to just get your concrete replaced for a longer-lasting solution? Or do concrete patches last long enough that it makes sense to put in the time, effort, and money to do this?

Here is what you need to know about concrete patches and what you can expect from them. 

What Are Concrete Patches?

concrete patches

Concrete patch and repair kits are used to repair damaged concrete so that it lasts longer, maintains its curb appeal, and functions as it should. The Stone Edge Surfaces CPR Concrete Patch and Repair is a just-add-water material for patching and repairing concrete. It does not require a base coat. It can be used in industrial, commercial, and residential settings, for vertical, horizontal, or overhead use. 

It can patch up small spalled areas and fill in deeper cracks. It can be used as an underlay for concrete overlays, for doweling and anchoring, and as a scratch coat. It can also be formed and shaped in order to rebuild areas of broken concrete, such as worn or damaged corners, edges, and more. 

How Long Do Concrete Patches Last?

So, you’re concerned about whether or not patching up your concrete would be a waste of time and money. You want to know how long patches last or if it would be better to simply replace the concrete as a whole.

The truth is that concrete patches can last for years on end, provided that they are done properly and well-maintained, the same as with any other concrete services. Concrete doesn’t last forever, and neither do concrete patches. However, concrete patches can last years on end and even decades if they are applied properly and you maintain them the same as you would any other concrete. 

Since these patches can last for so long, they’re more than worth the time and effort in order to keep your concrete in good condition for years to come. 

When Should You Patch Up Concrete?

How Long Do Concrete Patches Last?

We’ve talked about this more in-depth in our previous blog: Can You Patch Up Concrete? We went over when you can repair concrete, what can damage your concrete, and how to choose the best patch for your purposes. We’ll go over it a bit here too, for your convenience.

You should patch up your concrete when it has become damaged, either from the elements, water, impact, or ground shifting. These patch and repair kits can fix damages such as wear and tear, cracking, and more. 

When Should You Replace Concrete?

Durable and long-lasting as concrete is, especially when you use patches to address any damages before they get the chance to escalate and become unfixable, there will eventually come a time when you need to replace it. Patching it up can do wonders and can last for a long time, but sometimes, it would be better and more efficient to replace it.

You should replace rather than try to repair your concrete if:

  • It is old. Concrete generally lasts about 30 years under normal conditions, however, there are a variety of factors that can both lengthen or shorten your concrete’s lifespan. 
  • It has a deep, long crack that impacts the subgrade.
  • Your concrete slab is sinking. 
  • There is a problem beneath the floors themselves.
  • There are multiple areas that require repairs, or you are needing to repair it frequently.
Concrete Patch & Repair

How Do You Maintain Concrete Patches?

You maintain patched-up concrete the same way you do your regular concrete. You keep it clean, clean up any spills as they occur, and you can apply a sealer in order to keep your concrete protected. You want to repair any damages as they occur. If your concrete is starting to look like it’s more patches than concrete, you can have it resurfaced so that it looks as good as new again.

High-Quality Concrete Patch And Repair Kits

Stone Edge Surfaces offers exceptional concrete repair options, such as our CPR Concrete Patch and Repair, our Pro Bond, our Pro Bond Ultra, and more. To learn more about our concrete services or our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us today! 

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