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Stone Edge Surfaces Color PAX Slate Green
ColorPax Integral Color Bag Mixes at a 1:1 Ratio With 50 lb Bag Mixes
Stone Edge Surfaces ColorPax Colors


Stone edge Surfaces ColorPax Integral Colors are all natural dry pigments that provide rich natural integral coloring to your concrete overlay projects.

ColorPax have been color matched specifically to mix at a 1:1 ratio (1 – 1 LB ColorPax bag with 1 – 50 LB Bag of Stone Edge Surfaces WHITE Stamp, Wall, Smooth Coat overlay mix) to provide consistent integral color throughout each bag. 

NOTE: If you are using ColorPax to integrally color a White Overlay mix, we strongly recommend always testing a small amount before proceeding with your job and dial in your own coloring recipe.

ColorPax come in cases of 12 individually packaged 1 LB (+-) bags.


Integrally coloring Stone Edge Surfaces WHITE Wall, Stamp, , MicroTop, and Smooth Coat mixes.


BASE/TOP COAT: Both…it is mixed 1:1 with bag mixes



Add required concrete overlay bag mix water to mixing container first. Then add ColorPax color to the water and mix. Then add 1 Bag of Overlay Mix per 1 bag ColorPax you’ve already added to the water, and mix as per the overlay Mix instructions.

WORKING TIME: 30 min to 1 hour


  • Smooth Coat

  • Wall Mix

  • Stamp Mix

  • MicroTop


  • Mixed integrally into bag mixes

COVERAGE: Use Bag Mix Coverage Charts

Final Look

Stamped Wall Mix



Concrete Color Options

Creating a Brick Look: The Base  Layer is Integrally Colored Charcoal Gray. This will be the Grout Color. The Top Layer is Integrally Colored Spanish Red and it is applied at about 1/4″ thick. This will be the Brick.

ColorPax Concrete Products

The below picture is The Spanish Red Top Layer is Carved Through to expose the Charcoal Gray Base Layer. The Carving Tool also scrapes the Base Layer and opens the pores so it looks like grout. Integrally Coloring the Top Layer allows the illusion of the Brick being colored on all sides, without getting any color into the base coat grout lines.

Concrete Wall Mix
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