What is the purpose of base coat in concrete overlaying?

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Base Coat 

Stone Edge Surfaces has many different types of base coating products that provide property owners a durable and attractive concrete surface. We also provide waterproofing base surfaces for concrete or wood. ProBond is a base coat that can act as a base and bonding agent for underlayment and concrete mix. CPR base coating is ideal to be used as underlayment or stand alone, usually used for commercial and residential surfaces. We also have a list of other base coating products on our website. But what is the purpose of the base coat on concrete?  

Basically, it helps the concrete overlaying last longer. It can also help repair cracks, breaks, discoloration, and other flaws that concrete surfaces can create. Even if you are installing a new concrete surface you will want to make sure that your preparation is crack free because concrete does crack if not done properly.  

Properly Installing Concrete Overlay 

Before you start preparing your concrete surfacing, you should hire a professional or installer. You want to make sure that the area you want your new surface is capable of the installation or if there are any flaws they have noticed that you might have overlooked. Another reason you want to hire a professional is the overlay needs to be properly imprinted before it completely dries. Professionals also have all the equipment and tools ready for your specific project, therefore you won’t be spending a lot of money on tools. The tools your professional will have; a squeegee, magic trowels, hand towels, funny trowels and fresnos, smoothing paddles, mixing paddles, and gauge rakes and spreaders.  

A magic trowel is theoretically a squeegee but the rubber blade is thinner and somewhat flexible when compared to the squeegee. If you are a beginner this tool is highly recommended since it’s the easiest to use and makes the finishing product smooth. Hand Trowels typically range from 4 to 24 inches in length and can be used to distribute material across the floor from one location to the next. Funny Trowels and fresnos are attached with a pole and are most commonly used for stamped overlays. Gauge rakes are used with materials that are a ¼ inch or thicker. Last but not least the smoothing and mixing paddles. You will want to use these to mix your batches and self-level overlays. The smoothing paddle helps prevent bubbles from occurring and if you use the mixing paddle, make sure that your batches are consistent and mixed well.  

Your professional concrete installer will need to clean the area you are wanting work repaired. The floor must be cleaned, patched, and primer applied. Pressure washing removes any of the loose gravel or debris and the primer ensures that the applied product will permanently bond to the surface of the concrete. The patched areas where there were cracks, will disappear once the overlay is applied. Once the surface is prepped and patched up then the base overlay is applied and smoothed. Once it is completely dry, a concrete overlay is placed and leveled using your proper tools. This is also when your desired design of the flooring will be utilized. Two coats of a durable, protective sealer are applied. This will bring in a brilliant shine with a durable surface that resists moisture and cracks. Once the surface is completely dry, it will take whatever you or mother nature can throw at it. To keep your new surface clean, all you will need to do is clean any spills or dirt with a broom and mop. This will now create a more worry free environment and will last for years to come.  

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