What is Stone Edge decorative concrete overlay?
Decorative concrete is a polymer modified cementicious mix designed to give excellent protective durability, while decorating almost any new or existing substrate to simulate stone, tile, brick, slate, and many other configurations.

What is the cost per square foot?
The price depends on a number of factors, such as the condition of the original substrate, whether it is vertical or horizontal overlay, the patterns chosen etc

What are the startup costs associated with the Stone Edge product?
With the tools, stamps, and material needed to install the Stone Edge product, the startup cost could come in well under $1,500

What is the warranty for the Stone Edge product?
It shall be the sole responsibility of the manufacturer/seller to replace any portion of the Stone Edge product which proves defective during the 1 year period following its purchase.

How long does a Stone Edge job take?
Most jobs can be done within 2 to 3 days depending on the size of job, however, there are exceptions especially for commercial jobs and inclement weather conditions.

How durable is Stone Edge and will it crack?
Yes, Stone Edge is a very durable product. Even though we all know that concrete can crack and occasionally some hairline cracking may occur depending on how the substrate was built. We take all precautions possible to prevent cracking. They do not effect the integrity of the product.

Do you have to be certified to install the Stone Edge product?
No, you can purchase product; however no warranty is given.  Whether you are a contractor or a homeowner, we do require that all individuals obtain certification through one of our seminars. Once you are certified you will be listed on our website as a certified installer.

How thick is the Stone Edge material applied?
The horizontal work is typically applied at 1/8” to 3/8” depending on the method performed, and the vertical work is typically applied at 1/4” to 1” depending on the method performed and the stamping deemed necessary to achieve the desired look. For custom applications you can apply this product up 3” vertically without sagging.

How do you color the Stone Edge product?
We have an extensive yet simplistic method through using color pigments mixed with sealers with high penetration and other various techniques to achieve an aesthetically realistic look to our Stone Edge systems. We do use Color Hardeners on most horizontal work.

How long does the color last?
If sealed and maintained properly the color should last the life of the substrate that it was installed upon.

What types of sealers are typically used?
For coloring you would use our water based Flex-Seal which also would be used as a final seal on vertical work. For final seal on horizontal work you would use our satin finish water based Flex-Seal Supreme or our solvent based Zylene Sealer. For custom applications we do offer a High Performance Urethane.

What substrates can you apply the Stone Edge product?
You may apply the Stone Edge product over wood, plywood, aspenite, concrete, painted or unpainted concrete, drywall, sheetrock, tile (ceramic or clay), brick, stucco, and other masonry surfaces.

How does the Stone Edge product fair in severe freeze/thaw cycles?
The Stone Edge product is not effected by severe freeze/ thaw cycles.

How often do you need to reseal the Stone EdgeMent product?
Inside you might only need to reseal every 5 to 10 years depending on the amount of traffic. Outside you may need to reseal every 3 to 5 years depending on the traffic and weather elements.

How much prep work is required for Stone Edge?
Normal prep work is involved with Stone Edge. For painted surfaces you would pressure was only if you had loose flaky material that needed to be removed. If surface areas dirty you would pressure wash to remove soiled areas before installing Stone Edge.

How much does your Stone Edge product weigh in comparison to real stone or manufactured stone?
Stone Edge overlays are approx. 2/3 the weight of concrete, the wall overlays are approx. 1/2 the weight of concrete, therefore there is no structural reinforcement necessary.

Is Stone Edge a fireproof material?
Stone Edge is a noncombustible material which allows you to use in fireplace, kitchen, and electrical areas, etc. with no problem.

Can I purchase some material to experiment with before training?
We will sell sample amounts of material to an individual that would like to try the Stone Edge material first hand before attending a training seminar yet we do require that you have a certification under your belt before manufacturers warranty is in effect.

How much will it cost me for the Stone Edge product per sqft?
Actual cast will vary depending on pattern chosen, depth of application, coloring options, etc. As a point of reference, Stone Edge installed cost will be less than the cost of individual manufactured stone products.

How much do your stamps cost?
We have a wide variety of stamps ranging from under $200 to around $675 depending on the size, pattern, and the amount in a given set.

What do you use for hand carving tools?
Stone Edge has several tools used for hand carving tools including a joint cutting tool manufactured at our manufacturing plant allowing you to carve the material at just the right stage leaving you with very authentically realistic look. We also have carbide cutting tools for thinner, hard to get to areas to achieve the same realism and depth.

Do you hold trainings in Mississippi only?
No, there are trainings held in several location throughout the U.S. You would receive the same training from any training facility across the U.S due to the standard curriculum that we have set to make sure that all participants are equally educated.

Is Stone Edge cooler to walk on than regular concrete?
Because of the way Stone Edge is manufactured, the material can dissipate the heat a lot faster, making the surface cooler.

Is Stone Edge waterproof?
No, all of our Stone Edge materials can withstand wetness, yet for 100% submersion situations such as pools, ponds, showers, etc. we have a special horizontal and vertical overlay that can withstand these situations.

Who can we call with questions or any installation issues we may have?
You may call your regional distributor or call Stone Edge directly at 1-888-515-2132.

Who or what is my market for the Stone Edge application?
Stone Edge suggests that your market may be contractors, builders, masonry installers, developers, homeowners, landscape businesses and designers, new construction, renovation, and building suppliers.

Why should someone consider the Stone Edge decorative concrete overlay systems?
Other than the fact that there would be minimal start up cost and the ability to start small and grow at their own pace, they would be able to offer the customer the control of customizing their project unlike anything else out there in the market, while giving them the durability, quality, realism, and delivery time so they may better serve their customer.

Where do we purchase the Stone Edge decorative concrete overlay materials?
Please purchase the Stone Edge materials from the closest Stone Edge Distributor nearest to your location which will help cut down the freight costs of shipping great distances.