Concrete Overlay for house facade, fence, outdoor kitchen or fireplace

March 10, 2017

Why a Concrete Overlay on your home facade, fence, outdoor kitchen, fireplace, and even over your interior drywall can make more sense than any other material.

Here is a short list of reasons…cost, workability, flexibility of color and design, the ease of tying different types of material looks together (wood and brick or stack stone and river rock), durability, beauty and more. And best of all, a Concrete Overlay, doesn’t have to be put over Concrete! A vertical Concrete Overlay can go over drywall, wood, brick, stone, and many other surfaces, so your potential uses are endless.

You can use a professional concrete overlay to create a whole new look and turn an interior drywall wall into a brick and wood mantel bar…or a stone wall for your den or hallway…without having to use real (and heavy) brick, stone, wood or a cumbersome stone veneer. The picture below (the brick and wood mantel and wood plank backdrop)…are all concrete overlay over drywall!)

You can use a concrete overlay to create a bathroom shower that looks like a tropical grotto or turn an old outdated brick wall or fireplace that you thought you would never be able to change without tearing it out…into a stunning rustic showpiece or even a modern new look. 

That’s what this article is about…beautifying your home or office using a concrete overlay to create almost any look you can imagine for your bland concrete or interior walls or your homes façade, block wall, fireplace, or outdoor living area…without having to spend a fortune in renovation.

The new generation of Professional Grade “Vertical” concrete overlays are simply incredible and can look as realistic or as artistic as you want. These new overlays are not standard mortar, stucco or concrete like you can buy at the hardware store. As an example, Stone Edge Surfaces Professional Grade concrete overlays are scientifically engineered for strength and durability and have special polymers, fibers, and other proprietary ingredients, that are designed to be stamped, retain custom colors and shapes, and bond to the surface underneath it to give you a whole new beautiful and custom look that is functional and as strong as concrete.

A Concrete overlay is especially suited for your homes façade and is more customizable and cost effective than Pre-Manufactured Stone Veneer or Manufactured Stone. All three are cement based products that look real, but stone veneer and manufactured stone have pre-set designs and colors and have difficulty fitting perfectly around obstructions, corners and radiuses and will leave areas that stand out because the fit isn’t quite right. A concrete overlay is applied while it is moldable and pliable fits perfectly around every obstacle, and then stamped or carved to look like stone, wood, brick, stack stone, river rock, slate and more. It can be colored to look so realistic that you will think its actual stone, or you can even customize your colors to meet your vision. And when you are all done…it dries as hard as concrete and will last a lifetime…all for less than stone veneer.

Why do I like Stone Edge surfaces products…because they look realistic like actual Stone, Rock, Wood and Brick, which is what you are looking for in an overlay, and I’ve found that Stone Edge Surfaces products deliver!

There are just so many things you can enhance with a professional concrete overlays. From Driveways, patios, walkways, floors, basements, pool decks, BBQ’s, outdoor kitchens, cabinet bases, fences, pillars, interior/exterior walls, retaining walls and shower enclosures, to realistic cliff faces and even trees & boulders. So don’t live with that old look you’ve been hoping to change…use a professional overlay to make it more beautiful and look like new!

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