Concrete Overlay can make more sense than removing existing driveways, patios or pool decks

March 10, 2017

Why a Concrete Overlay can sometimes make more sense than removing existing driveways, patios and pool decks.

If you have minor chipping, cracking, areas that have flaked away, spaulded areas, your existing overlay material is flaking off (cool deck and similar), but the overall concrete is still in ok shape and not completely crumbling away, then a concrete overlay may be the perfect option.

Maybe you just have old ugly concrete or are ready for something new and beautiful and want to upgrade your pool deck, patio or driveway and add some incredible jaw dropping, neighbor envying looks…then yes…a stamped concrete or decorative concrete overlay could be your answer.

That’s what this article is about…beautifying and covering up the old and ugly concrete by adding a whole new look…without spending a fortune in removing all the perfectly good existing concrete.

I’m talking about the new wave of incredible Professional Grade concrete overlays, which are not standard driveway concrete like you can buy at the hardware store. As an example, Stone Edge Surfaces Professional Grade concrete overlays are scientifically engineered for strength and durability and have special polymers, fibers, and other proprietary ingredients, that are designed to be stamped, retain custom colors, handle heavy traffic, and bond to the concrete surface underneath it to give you a whole new beautiful and custom look that is as functional and strong as the original concrete surface.

If you want a stunning look, then incredible professional concrete overlay mixes like what Stone Edge Surfaces manufactures can easily and affordably add new life to plain looking or cracked concrete, and bring that high end enviable look you’ve always wanted. Why settle for ordinary when you can have a functional masterpiece of a simple color and broom finish to the dramatic looks of brick, pavers, slate and so much more. Why replace it and have the same thing you have now…when you can have infinite customizable looks. Just as important, you will be amazed at how affordable an overlay can be, and far less hassle than replacing the concrete.

Why do I like Stone Edge surfaces products…because they look realistic like actual Stone, Rock, Wood and Brick, which is what you are looking for in an overlay, and I’ve found that Stone Edge Surfaces products deliver! Yes…the below pictures are concrete!

Swimming Pool Decks, Patios, Steps, Landings, and even Wood Decks can become awe inspiring showpieces that brighten your spirit and stun your guests. Why settle when you have infinite creative options of classic and varied brick patterns, cobblestone, slate and other Stone Edge stamps, or the alluring look you get with custom freehand designs. Then, enhance that new custom look with a wide array of our color choices that truly make your fun and relaxation spaces…works of art.

Infinite design possibilities bring professional, beautiful, and personally unique results…every time! Finding a contractor that is an expert in every type of stone, brick, tile, wood, etc. is a daunting task, but a Stone Edge Surfaces contractor is an expert in all of the above and more when using our products! In their professional hands, Stone Edge Surfaces all-in-one mixes, stamps and colors combine to create an infinite number of realistic and enviable looks to fit your design, environment and needs.

There are just so many things you can enhance with a professional concrete overlays. From Driveways, patios, walkways, floors, basements, pool decks, BBQ’s, outdoor kitchens, cabinet bases, fences, pillars, interior/exterior walls, retaining walls and shower enclosures, to realistic cliff faces and even trees & boulders. So don’t tear out your existing concrete…use a professional overlay to make it more beautiful and look like new!

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